Algoa Caledonian Pipe Band


As a band, the Algoa Caledonian Pipe Band does an average of 1 parade a month, at various locations/functions in and around the Nelson Mandela Metropole, but individual pipers are constantly playing the bagpipes at Weddings, Funerals, Birthday Parties, you name it. With an average size of 10 pipers and 6 drummers, having a pipe band at your event is sure to get heads turning and tongues wagging. We have yet to play at a function where we didn't steal the show or have people moved to tears (in a good way!) by the power and emotions of a pipe band. It seems that Port Elizabethans just can't get enough of a good thing.

We are also available to travel outside of Port Elizabeth for parades / weddings etc. but please be advised that a fee to cover petrol will be added on top of our normal fee.

Having done many, many functions over the years, we have found that trying to secure a payment on the day of the wedding/funeral etc. doesn't work, as the people involved are often caught up in the emotions or party atmosphere and forget about things like paying the piper. So when booking for your function, please note that an advance payment is necessary, either cash in hand or a bank transfer directly into the band's account.

We also hire out uniforms and kit for functions. Kilts, Sporrans, Belts & Jackets are all available.

To obtain a quote, please email/phone our band manager, Llewellyn Faifer and specify all the details of your event i.e. Size of the band, length of play, location of event, tune requests etc. Contact details can be found here.
The Algoa Bell's "Extra Special" Caledonian Pipers performing "Mull of Kintyre" at the annual Concert in the Park.


Pipers have been entertaining guests at weddings for centuries and they will help you celebrate your big day in style by adding a stirring and romantic atmosphere. The powerful sound will make your wedding unique and memorable and not only does it add great background music to the event, but adds a sense of ceremony to the occasion. A piper is an attractive extra in photographs and is often called on to have their photo taken with any of the guests. While you are obviously free to choose any tunes you like, some suggestions have been made below of suitable tunes for the different occasions.

Slow tunes to enter the church / while signing the register:
The Wedding March (Here Comes the Bride)
Amazing Grace
Highland Cathedral

Lively toe-tapping tunes to exit church / play outside while guests are congratulating couple / entering the reception etc:
Scotland the Brave                                     Glendaruel Highlanders
Cock of the North                                       Mrs Lily Christie
Highland Laddie                                          Silver Threads Among the Gold
Marie's Wedding                                         Murdo's Wedding

If you have any specific requirements or tune requests, please be sure to specify them in the email/on the phone. While we make every effort to learn the tunes you request, this is sometimes not always possible due to the musical constraints of the bagpipes.

For weddings & funerals, all of our pipers/drummers will be dressed appropriately with Jackets, Ties & Plaids



Bagpipes are arguably the most emotive instrument in the world. They are able to inspire people to dance with a simple jig, or bring them to tears with the power of a slow air. A piper at a funeral is a common sight all around the world, with people embracing their Scottish heritage when they pass on.

Funerals generally follow a similar pattern in terms of the piper. The standard arrangement is to play at the church during the ceremony and/or at the cemetery during the lowering of the coffin.

The tunes recommended for both are:
Amazing Grace
Flowers of the Forest (especially for military veterans)
Highland Cathedral
Flower of Scotland (especially for Scottish descendants/citizens)
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